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Get Lost, Turkey!

Every year at Thanksgiving, people start making travel plans – or start formulating elaborate plans to avoid travel. Personally, since we moved back to Georgia a few years ago, travel has been pretty easy. An hour here, an hour there. We’re all fairly regional in this nuclear family. We scurry around the perimeter of Atlanta and gobble up our holiday dinners and haul our loot back home without ever really seeing anything new.The road to Grandma’s is so familiar the horse and sleigh can get there in the dark, blind-folded, uphill, in the snow. Well, rain. It’s Georgia. And honestly, I sleep through the travel portion every time. Five minutes in the car and I’m snoring, drool is running down my chin, and by the time we arrive I need about six Motrin so I can deal with the pain in my neck. (No, I am not being ugly about my family in this sweet holiday post.)

BUT I have stumbled upon something genius that could change ALL OF THAT! I am telling you that if you LOVE the south, this will stir your wassail and tickle your fruitcake. I’m kind of obsessed with it at the moment.

LOOK HERE: Deep South Literary Trail Ap  


Now, if that doesn’t change your travel plans then I don’t know what will! Leave a comment below and one lucky son-of-a-gun will get a FREE download!

So get lost this Thanksgiving, Turkeys! Take a little side trip. Stay awake and discover the jewels along your trip to Grandma’s this year! You may be surprised at what this little ap will reveal right down the road from you!

November 20, 2012 - 4:25 am

Melissa Crytzer Fry - I’m with Hallie: this is a GREAT idea. They need an app of the same design for the entire US – for countrywide road trips. So cool!

November 19, 2012 - 10:38 pm

Hallie Sawyer - What a cool app! I am all about exploring literary hot spots and this is right up my alley. Hope your Turkey Day is nothing short of splendid. And pain-free. 🙂 xo

November 19, 2012 - 6:17 pm

Sharon Wray - I have never heard of this app, Kimberly, but now I’m so intrigued! I can’t wait to go try it out. Is there an app for the iPad as well? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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