Are You Living From Your Creative Core? Join my Tinderbox Workshop for Georgia Writer’s Association

What would you write if you knew you could not fail?

If you gave up all your excuses?

If you didn’t let fear get between you and your writing?

If you could just get out of your own way?

Is this a photo of your inner editor?

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Click this link to join me this Saturday for a workshop at the September meeting for the Georgia Writer’s Association.

“A tinderbox is a collection of all the tools needed to spark a fire and that’s just what every person carries inside them, a little something dangerous, something with the power to bring the house down, to transform. We all have a story to tell and a unique voice with which to express that story with power and authority and authenticity. Our stories create the reality in which we live. In other words, our stories change the world! Because of that, the truth is, writing is a risky business. All writers are afraid of setting that crazy spark loose on the page. Worse, we’re afraid what we express won’t matter or that we’ll express ourselves all wrong. This is the best news! It means we’re exactly the same as every other human being who ever existed. It means we can stop waiting to be unafraid.” ~ Kimberly Brock

In this workshop, Kimberly Brock, author of The River Witch, will share with attendees her success with writing with her fear. Kimberly will share tips for overcoming common struggles for writers and inspiration from her own battle with writer’s block, the internal pressure to succeed and fears about doing the story justice. Workshop attendees
will also learn how writing from their tinderbox – with their fear – can lead to a powerful connection with the




Wife. Mom. Storyteller. Creative. Georgia Author of the Year 2013. Amazon Bestseller.

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Kimberly Brock is an Atlanta-based writer and author of THE RIVER WITCH. She is a wife, a mom to three kids and two dogs, and founder of Tinderbox Writers Retreat.