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Give the gift of Creativity! Registration is OPEN for the Tinderbox Writers Workshop Winter Sessions and gift certificates are available! Seats are filling up – sessions begin the second week of January!! Hope you’ll join us!

Tinderbox Writers Workshop Winter Session Registration

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Are you secretly filling journals with observations, thoughts or poetry? Are you wishing you knew how to start your own blog? Maybe you want to record your family stories? Have you got a journalist’s eye for a good story? Is there a novel inside you, just waiting to be written?
OR maybe your creative gifts lie in painting, gardening, pottery or photography? Or a thousand other fantastic and unique ways we find our voices, express ourselves?

Tinderbox Writers Workshop is designed to uncover your desires, your truths and your purpose by introducing you to the creative capacity you carry within. Over the course of 8 weeks through 2-hour weekly sessions, you’ll learn to nurture the creative self.

Award winning author Kimberly Brock’s reputation as a teacher is characterized by her focus on getting the writer out of his or her own way, creating an environment of awareness and support. Writers and artisans of all kinds are encouraged to come out of hiding, to take calculated risks, and to embrace the habits of a satisfying, thriving creative life we are meant to enjoy.

Along with Tips and Tools to Improve Your Creative Expression
You’ll Learn the Habits of Creative Well-Being:

  • Week 1: FOUNDATION – foundational pieces that impact your ability to follow through, truly express yourself, experience freedom
  • Week 2: SPARK – design creative goals for YOU so you can work/create through your fears in celebration, no longer held back
  • Week 3: BE PRESENT – fuel your ability to be present, observant; find freedom from limiting beliefs & embrace life
  • Week 4: BE TRUE – claim what you need to feel confident, to trust yourself, stop comparing and competing
  • Week 5: DARE – embrace brave action, dare greatly, take risks
  • Week 6: DESIRE – brainstorm ideas and stretch creative problem solving skills, find your north star
  • Week 7: ABUNDANCE – give yourself permission to succeed, receive satisfaction from your creativity, realize joy in the process
  • Week 8: COMMUNITY – share your voice, deepen your relationships, give and receive strength, support and gratitude

Workshop Description

In our 2-hour sessions, you’ll will be challenged to engage in the habits of living from your Creative Core (nurturing your creative well-being). You’ll also learn to tell your story by using the tools of fiction-writing (point-of-view, plot, characterizing detail, tone, etc.). Workshop participants will consider examples of creative works through the lens of mindfulness to learn to take risks, tell truths and make connections. Through fun writing prompts and creative exercises, you’ll put these techniques to use in your own original work. In-class critiques as well as feedback from the instructor will help you further develop creative potential. The eight weeks ends with a party! You’ll have the chance to share your work, surrounded by the support of the Tinderbox community, through open-to-the-public readings & opportunities to showcase artwork.




Wife. Mom. Storyteller. Creative. Georgia Author of the Year 2013. Amazon Bestseller.

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Kimberly Brock is an Atlanta-based writer and author of THE RIVER WITCH. She is a wife, a mom to three kids and two dogs, and founder of Tinderbox Writers Retreat.