Sacred Harp, The River Witch and The Bitter Southerner

I just about jumped up and down on my couch when I opened the link in my email from The Bitter Southerner, today! (By the way, if you’re not aware of them, get on it!)

My readers know the part that Sacred Harp singing played in my debut novel, The River Witch. It is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons and I wrote about it in a earlier blog. Read the blog on Sacred Harp and The River Witch.

So, I had to share this wonderful piece with you all because, honestly, I haven’t read anything that really caught up all the reasons and emotions and history — and just WAIT until you see the photographs!! – of the Sacred Harp culture. I am excited. Can you tell? You have got to see this! Read the feature on Sacred Harp by The Bitter Southerner.

And because this makes me feel like shouting, if you enjoy the piece by Bitter Southerner and would like a signed copy of The River Witch, leave a comment here on my blog (or on the facebook post I’m about to slap up) to be entered in a giveaway!



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