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The River Witch Bell Bridge Books, April 2012

After a miscarriage and career-ending auto accident, Roslyn Byrne’s body, mind and spirit are bruised. Bent on recovery, she takes her mother’s advice and rents a home on Manny’s Island in Georgia. She never expects her involvement with the Trezevants, her landlords, will place her on a path to healing. From her developing friendship with 10-year-old Damascus to the reawakened interest in the spiritual music of her Tennessee roots, Roslyn finds a new enthusiasm for life and living.

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Summer in Mossy Creek Bellebooks

Treat yourself to another helping of down-home charm with new stories of “the warm, offbeat, fun-loving place that is Mossy Creek, GA” (Romantic Times).

The third novel in the acclaimed Mossy Creek Hometown Series continues the warm, witty and wise doings
in a small southern village you’ll want to call home.

It’s a typical summer in the good-hearted mountain town of Mossy Creek, Georgia, where love, laughter and friendship make nostalgia a way of life. Creekites are always ready for a sultry romance, a funny feud or a sincere celebration, and this summer is no different.

Get ready for a comical battle over pickled beets and a spy mission to recover hijacked chow-chow peppers. Meet an unforgettable parakeet named Tweedle Dee and a lovable dog named Dog. Watch Amos and Ida sidestep the usual rumors and follow Katie Bell’s usual snooping. In the meantime, old-timer Opal Suggs and her long-dead sisters share a lesson on living, and apple farmer Hope Bailey faces poignant choices when an old flame returns to claim her.

Your favorite authors are back along with some wonderful new storytellers plus more recipes from Creekite chef Bubba Rice. Pull up a wicker rocker, sip some peach-flavored iced tea, and listen as the townsfolk of Mossy Creek share their lives with you once again.

Sweeter Than Tea, Bellebooks

When it comes to family, love, tradition and pride are a powerful brew . . .

The third of the Sweet Tea story collections (SWEET TEA & JESUS SHOES, MORE SWEET TEA) treats readers to a panorama of Southern life, both then and now. Family dramas, comic mishaps, sentimental remembrances and poignant choices illuminate these thirteen stories by new and established authors. There’s something for every reader: The gritty realism of a hunt for wild boars, the gentle grieving for a home now filled only with memories, the funny battle between a woman and her recipe for deviled eggs, and much more.

Come sit a spell on the front porch. Prop your feet up, sip a cold glass of sweet iced tea, and lose yourself in a way of life that’s as irresistible as pecan pie and as unforgettable as a chilled slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Welcome to a place that exists between the pages of How It Was and How It Might Have Been-just a little bit south of the long path home.

July 21, 2016 - 6:05 am

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February 5, 2013 - 3:25 pm

Diana D Elliott - Wonderful book.

December 11, 2012 - 1:15 pm

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