The River Witch

“With lyrical prose, Kimberly Brock explores the hidden places of the heart. The River Witch is a magical and bewitching story that, like a river, winds its way through the soul. In the voices of her wounded characters, Brock takes us through both the breaking and the healing of a life.”
~Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop at Water’s End

After a  miscarriage and career-ending author accident, Roslyn Byrne’s body, mind and spirit are bruised. Bent on recovery, she takes her mother’s advice and rents a home on Manny’s Island in Georgia. She never expects her involvement with the Trezevants, her landlords, will place her on a path to healing. From her developing friendship with 10-year-old Damascus to the reawakened interest in the spiritual music of her Tennessee roots, Roslyn finds a new enthusiasm for life and living.

“I recently read The River Witch and I was struck by the complexity of the characters, by the way I was pulled into their thoughts and their respective quagmires, by the way I pulled for each of them to find a way out. I kept the book on the floor beside my bed and read a chapter every morning before I got up – it was a perfect way to start the day! Brock’s prose are beautiful, her description compelling, the weaving of the mystical with solid plot lines seamless. Remarks made in the book are more than down-home southern truisms; they are commentaries on the human condition that instill a spark of light, a drop or two of hope not only in the characters, but in readers as well.”

~Susan Crawford, author of The Pocket Wife

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