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Get to know award winning author Kimberly Brock.


  • #1 Amazon Bestseller
  • Georgia Author of the Year Award for Debut Fiction 2013
  • Pulpwood Queen Book Club selection
  • SIBA 2017 TRIO selection
  • SIBA 2022 bestseller
  • shortlisted for the Townsend Prize for Fiction 2023

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Client List

  • Reinhardt University MFA-CW (Featured speaker)
  • Georgia Writer’s Museum (Featured workshop)
  • Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association Writer’s Retreat (Featured workshop)
  • Milton Literary Festival (Advisory Board)
  • Writer’s High Retreat (Featured speaker)
  • Decatur Book Festival (Keynote speaker/multiple engagements)
  • Georgia Romance Writers (Featured speaker)
  • Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend (Panelist/Dramatic Presentation)
  • Savannah College of Art and Design (Writers workshop)
  • Atlanta Writers Club (Writers workshop)
  • Georgia Writers Association (Writers workshop)
  • Dalton College (Featured speaker)
  • Georgia Perimeter College (Featured speaker)
  • Agnes Scott College (Writers workshop)

*Multiple Independent Bookstores, Libraries & Book Festivals


Browne & Miller Literary Associates
52 Village Place
Hinsdale, Illinois


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What would you write if you knew you could not fail? If you gave up all your excuses? If you didn't let fear get between you and your writing? If you could just get out of your own way?

In these workshops, Kimberly Brock, award winning author of The River Witch, will share secrets to overcoming common struggles for writers and inspiration from her own battle with writer’s block, the internal pressure to succeed, and fears about doing the story justice. Workshop attendees will learn how writing from their tinderbox – with and through their fear – can lead to a powerful connection with the reader.
Incorporating studies in brain science, looking to the examples of other creatives, drawing on both her experience with students with neurological challenges and her background in theater, Kimberly will guide attendees through simple, fool-proof exercises with the use of mixed-media art techniques to allow expression through mark making, symbolism, color, and incorporating work with their hands, music, kinesthetic movement, and oral storytelling. The result is a finished piece of original art, and several deeply intuitive and insightful written pieces. Workshop attendees will learn how living from their tinderbox, the innate toolset inside every creator, can lead to a powerful connection with the reader and a resilient, healthy relationship with the muse.
Tinderbox Writers Retreats are unique events for writers, artists and makers.
This retreat was created to nurture the creative spirit of women, to celebrate our stories through the written and spoken word. You’ll spend four days devoted to your writing, reading, and sharing.
You’ll be challenged to explore the deeper questions about what you want to say in your writing.
Begin your days with walks on the lake, nourish yourself, embrace solitude when you need a quiet moment and form friendships that will last a lifetime. You'll enjoy a full schedule of Tinderbox Workshops and one-on-one mentoring and be encouraged to dig deep during plenty of protected time for focused writing alongside other writers who are dreaming big, too.
For women only.