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Tinderbox Writers Workshops and Retreats

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A sisterhood of artists, embracing the gifts of a life lived from the Creative Core

A tinderbox rests on the hearth, filled with all the things needed to create a spark…
Tinderbox is a declaration, a prayer, an intention and a guide to inspire women to
connect through their stories and learn to live from their Creative Core…
to live from their Tinderbox, the hearth of their souls where we all hold the divine spark to create!
Tinderbox Workshops are set up as a salon experience, where writing exercises are meant to inspire, educate, and encourage creative collaboration between women readers, writers and artisans of all kinds.




The welcome dinner will be prepared and served by Tinderbox Writers Retreat founder and author, Kimberly Brock, and our host.

Continental breakfast with juices, coffee and tea, dinners, light lunches, snacks, bottled water and canned soda products will be provided.

Feel free to bring any specialty foods you may personally need, any sharable snacks, and your desired evening beverages.


  • Tinderbox Sessions: Along with a creativity workshop from Kimberly, you will enjoy workshop sessions led by guest authors which will cover practical writing tips and publishing information such as how to write a synopsis, how to get an agent, how to promote your book, how to make a career as an author, self-publishing, and much, much more. These sessions are designed as dynamic 45-minute sessions full of useful information to get your mind buzzing with new ideas and energy – we want you to get an opportunity to go work on them!
  • We also want you to get some work done, so we’ve structured the schedule to include blocks of uninterrupted writing time for you to use as you wish, whether you spend time in the dedicated quiet space we call The Hearth, or brainstorm in your own room or take a walk outside on the beautiful retreat property. You will be spoiled when it comes to writing spots and ways to recharge your creativity!
  • There’ll always be questions we haven’t thought of, and we want to make sure you go home with the answers. Attendees will be given the opportunity to read up to FIVE MINUTES from their work each evening and receive immediate and encouraging feedback from the workshop leaders.
  • ** Up to five attendees on a first-come-first serve basis will have the opportunity to book a 20 minute one-on-one mentoring session with Kimberly during which they can practice their elevator pitch, get personalized advice or just pick her brain about all things writing.


What would you write if you knew you could not fail? If you gave up all your excuses? If you didn't let fear get between you and your writing? If you could just get out of your own way?


In these workshops, Kimberly Brock, award winning author of The River Witch, will share secrets to overcoming common struggles for writers and inspiration from her own battle with writer’s block, the internal pressure to succeed, and fears about doing the story justice. Workshop attendees will learn how writing from their tinderbox – with and through their fear – can lead to a powerful connection with the reader.

Incorporating studies in brain science, looking to the examples of other creatives, drawing on both her experience with students with neurological challenges and her background in theater, Kimberly will guide attendees through simple, fool-proof exercises with the use of mixed-media art techniques to allow expression through mark making, symbolism, color, and incorporating work with their hands, music, kinesthetic movement, and oral storytelling. The result is a finished piece of original art, and several deeply intuitive and insightful written pieces. Workshop attendees will learn how living from their tinderbox, the innate toolset inside every creator, can lead to a powerful connection with the reader and a resilient, healthy relationship with the muse.

Tinderbox Writers Retreats are unique events for writers, artists and makers.
This retreat was created to nurture the creative spirit of women, to celebrate our stories through the written and spoken word. You’ll spend four days devoted to your writing, reading, and sharing.

You’ll be challenged to explore the deeper questions about what you want to say in your writing.

Begin your days with walks on the lake, nourish yourself, embrace solitude when you need a quiet moment and form friendships that will last a lifetime. You'll enjoy a full schedule of Tinderbox Workshops and one-on-one mentoring and be encouraged to dig deep during plenty of protected time for focused writing alongside other writers who are dreaming big, too.

For women only.

What people are saying about Tinderbox Writers Retreats & Workshops

"A stunning Sullivan's Island setting provides the perfect place to relax, clear your mind and write, while Kimberly Brock's knowledge, widom and unique skillset as both a successfully published author and a thorough, kind coach will absolutely take your writing to the next level. And guest authors only add to the experience. Whether you're looking to polish a completed manuscript or create something completely new, Tinderbox is the place to write your dreams into existence."


Kristy Woodson Harvey, best selling author of THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF PARADISE


"Kimberly Brock and the Tinderbox Writing Retreat was a healthy mix of discovery relaxation, craft exploration and fun. Kimberly is a master at knowing how to get writers to dig down to the place where their story can really rise to the surface."


Ann Garvin, USA Today best seller of I LIKE IT JUST FINE WHEN YOU'RE NOT AROUND and founder of the TALL POPPY WRITERS


"Kimberly led the Tinderbox Workshop at the Women's Fiction Writers Retreat. With compassion, knowledge, honesty and a sense of humor, she led attendees through a series of exercises that pushed us to think beyond the confines our story boxes, dig into emotions that sparked the muse, and rediscover the passion that drove us to writing in the first place."


Orly Konig, Founding President of the WOMEN FICTION WRITERS ASSOCIATION and author of CAROSEL BEACH


"The Tinderbox Writers Retreat was truly that...a time of rest, relaxation, laughter, plus ample time to write in a gorgeous beach setting. This writer was in heaven!"


Emily Carpenter, author of UNTIL THE DAY I DIE


"There are plenty of writing coaches/workshops that will walk you trhough the mechanics of novel writing. But it's a rare thing to find a writing coach that can coax from wihtin you teh intangible and completely personal element that helps your story take its unique shape. Kimbelry Brock's Tinderbox Writing Workshop is that rare thing."


Amy Impellizzeri, award winning author of WHY WE LIE


"The perfect getaway...time to write, connect, and brainstorm with brilliant and inspiring women destined to become lifelong friends!"


Heather Bell Adams, award winning author of MARANATHA ROAD


"With Tinderbox Writers Retreat, Kimberly Brock creates a dream of an experience for women writers ready to invest in their stories. It's not just the stellar author faculty she assembles, the quality of the workshops, the fellowship of wome creatives, or even the beautiful Lowcountry setting which make the retreat's Kimberly. She is that unique and rare combination of master storyteller and master teacher: she digs into your work and into you, and pulls out ideas and inspirations like a voodoo priestess. Using only good magic, of course. As an author guest, I watched her invest in each retreat participant's individual story. I left in awe."

Katherine Scott Crawford, award winning author of KEOWEE VALLEY


"Tinderbox is a retreat that reaches deep within the spirit where the truest tinders lie."


J.C. Sasser, author of GRADLE BIRD