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    " Kimberly Brock has an amazing voice and a huge heart; The River Witch welcomes the reader to a haunted landscape, authentically Southern, where the tragedies of the past and the most fragile, gorgeous kind of love-soaked hope are equally alive. This is one debut that you absolutely should not

    ~~ Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of Backseat Saints

  • Georgia Author of the Year 2013
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What It All Means – Thinking About Harper Lee and Other Things

Today, I shared a piece with Writers in the Storm. It’s mostly stream of consciousness, and I fear it misses the point many times. But I hope it will at least leave you thinking. I hope it will remind us all to consider the value in the work we stuff under our beds. I hope you’ll leave a comment on the Writers in the Storm site. I’d love to know what’s under YOUR bed and what you’re going to do about it.



You, Storytellers of the Blue World – a guest post for Writers in the Storm

Today, I’m a contributor over on the wonderful writers site, Writers in the Storm. If you haven’t already found this resource, go check them out!

I’m talking about being in the in-between spaces and how hard that can be for writers – for anyone! You might be surprised by my conclusions…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on writing from the Blue World! Leave me a comment.

photo credit: Daylight Moon via photopin (license)

Here’s the link for the post. You, Storytellers of the Blue World


March 20, 2015 - 4:20 am

Joe Marusic - Wow! I just took a break from the story I’m writing and read “You, Storytellers of the Blue World.” The title of my first collection of poems used “Blue” as one of the words. After I read your post, I felt like someone who had been floating alone in the blue being taken by the hand and told, “Come with us.” Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece which resonates deeply with so many of us.

March 20, 2015 - 2:50 pm

admin - Hi, Joe. Thanks so much for your kind response. I’m so glad to know it was an encouragement to you and your writing journey. :)

Rona Sets the Bar!

Author Rona Simmons has done something that has set the bar impossibly high for me. She wrote a blog and told the world about the little stuff I try to do as I come to the page every day. And whether she knows it or not, she’s encouraged me with this piece.

Rona poked me with a stick and whispered to keep at it. And I hope what she’s written will be an encouragement to a TON of other, better, more prolific or struggling or beginning writers out there. Those who pray for their publishing contracts to come through or those who go without recognition. Those who blog and those who journal. Those who want to see their words in print and those who write in secret to heal a broken heart. For all of us, for the million things we do to help along a friend or a sister or a mama who is trying to find the way to tell her stories.

What Rona says loud and clear in this blog (not just in her post about me but all the women she writes about), is this:

What you’re doing, it matters.

(If you want to read her post, click here for the link. FOLLOW this fantastic blog about women leading creative lives! And LEAVE AN ENCOURAGING COMMENT FOR RONA!)

****AND, I’d like to bring some attention to a post she ran a few weeks before this one, featuring the lovely and brilliant Soniah Kamal! Click here to read that piece – A Suitable Woman.****

Meeting Rona has been one of the gifts of my writing this year. I hope you’ll all rush out and pick up a couple of copies of her books. Drop by her website and see what she’s up to. She’s inspiring!


To make it easy, here are her links:





book trailer:




Starting the Year Off with WRITERS IN THE STORM!

Today I got to something fantastic! I’ve been invited to be a contributor for a wonderful writers’ site that I adore – Writers In the Storm.

This year I’ll be share some guest posts over there and I hope you’ll check them out and leave a comment when it strikes you.

I’m writing about nests and why we need them to be creative.

I wonder how many of you are nest builders, like me? What shape is your nest in today?

Click on the photo below for the link to today’s guest blog.

January 14, 2015 - 9:03 pm

Rosalie Masters - Just finished THE RIVER WITCH, a gift from my daughter, Monica.
Excellent story with a twist at ending I was definitely NOT expecting.
Endorsement from Sharyn McCrumb is a feather in your cap.
Kudos to you, Kimberly, for writing a page turner first novel!
Continued success! rsm

January 23, 2015 - 12:13 am

admin - Rosalie,
Thank you so much for your lovely response to the novel. I’m always so glad to hear from readers. And, YES, the endorsement from Sharyn McCrumb thrilled me. I’m very proud – as you should be, of such a beautiful and kind daughter. :)

Tinderbox Writers Workshop Winter Sessions!

Give the gift of Creativity! Registration is OPEN for the Tinderbox Writers Workshop Winter Sessions and gift certificates are available! Seats are filling up – sessions begin the second week of January!! Hope you’ll join us!

Tinderbox Writers Workshop Winter Session Registration

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Are you secretly filling journals with observations, thoughts or poetry? Are you wishing you knew how to start your own blog? Maybe you want to record your family stories? Have you got a journalist’s eye for a good story? Is there a novel inside you, just waiting to be written?
OR maybe your creative gifts lie in painting, gardening, pottery or photography? Or a thousand other fantastic and unique ways we find our voices, express ourselves?

Tinderbox Writers Workshop is designed to uncover your desires, your truths and your purpose by introducing you to the creative capacity you carry within. Over the course of 8 weeks through 2-hour weekly sessions, you’ll learn to nurture the creative self.

Award winning author Kimberly Brock’s reputation as a teacher is characterized by her focus on getting the writer out of his or her own way, creating an environment of awareness and support. Writers and artisans of all kinds are encouraged to come out of hiding, to take calculated risks, and to embrace the habits of a satisfying, thriving creative life we are meant to enjoy.

Along with Tips and Tools to Improve Your Creative Expression
You’ll Learn the Habits of Creative Well-Being:

  • Week 1: FOUNDATION – foundational pieces that impact your ability to follow through, truly express yourself, experience freedom
  • Week 2: SPARK – design creative goals for YOU so you can work/create through your fears in celebration, no longer held back
  • Week 3: BE PRESENT – fuel your ability to be present, observant; find freedom from limiting beliefs & embrace life
  • Week 4: BE TRUE – claim what you need to feel confident, to trust yourself, stop comparing and competing
  • Week 5: DARE – embrace brave action, dare greatly, take risks
  • Week 6: DESIRE – brainstorm ideas and stretch creative problem solving skills, find your north star
  • Week 7: ABUNDANCE – give yourself permission to succeed, receive satisfaction from your creativity, realize joy in the process
  • Week 8: COMMUNITY – share your voice, deepen your relationships, give and receive strength, support and gratitude

Workshop Description

In our 2-hour sessions, you’ll will be challenged to engage in the habits of living from your Creative Core (nurturing your creative well-being). You’ll also learn to tell your story by using the tools of fiction-writing (point-of-view, plot, characterizing detail, tone, etc.). Workshop participants will consider examples of creative works through the lens of mindfulness to learn to take risks, tell truths and make connections. Through fun writing prompts and creative exercises, you’ll put these techniques to use in your own original work. In-class critiques as well as feedback from the instructor will help you further develop creative potential. The eight weeks ends with a party! You’ll have the chance to share your work, surrounded by the support of the Tinderbox community, through open-to-the-public readings & opportunities to showcase artwork.

July 15, 2015 - 3:10 pm

Michael Thomas Finn - Please let me know when your next workshop will be………. Love your shared posts with Writers in the Storm……

July 18, 2015 - 8:50 pm

admin - Thank, Michael! I responded to you by email.

P r a i s e
  • " The River Witch welcomes the reader to a haunted landscape, authentically Southern, where the tragedies of the past and the most fragile, gorgeous kind of love-soaked hope are equally alive. This is one debut that you absolutely should not

    ~~ Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of Backseat Saints

    "Kimberly Brock’s The River Witch achieves what splendid writing ought to achieve – story and character that linger in the reader’s consciousness. Tender and intriguing, often dazzling in its prose, this is a mature work of fiction worthy of the celebration of praise."

    ~~ Terry Kay, Honored Georgia author of To Dance With the White Dog

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    The River Witch

M o r e   p r a i s e
  • "There is magic and wonder in The River Witch, but the real enchantment here is the strength of the characters Roslyn and Damascus. Their voices are the current that carries the reader along in this compelling tale of healing and discovery."

    ~~ Sharyn McCrumb, New York Times bestselling author of The Ballad of Tom Dooley.

    "With lyrical prose, Kimberly Brock explores the hidden places of the heart. The River Witch is a magical and bewitching story that, like a river, winds its way through the soul. In the voices of her wounded characters, Brock takes us through both the breaking and the healing of a life."

    ~~ Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author of Driftwood Summer