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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t even started the book I want to write. Can/should I attend Tinderbox Writers Retreat?

YES! We’ve designed this weekend to benefit all writers, from those with just a dream to those with a backlist.

Where can I find out more about the Tinderbox coaching sessions?

All attendees will receive full details of our coaching sessions on arrival at the retreat house on Sullivan’s Island, but expect topics such as:

  • Pitches, plotting and pantsing
  • Submissions, agents and publishing deals
  • Social media
  • Promoting your book
  • Self-publishing vs. Traditional publishing

Are these the kind of sessions where I can sit back and listen or are there writing exercises?

We may suggest you use some of your writing time over the weekend to put some of our tips and tools into practice, but we won’t force you to write anything you don’t want to, and there will be no reading aloud/group critiquing of any work during coaching sessions. If you are interested, there will be opportunities for brief readings from your work for positive and encouraging feedback in a casual environment in the evenings.

Where can I see a full schedule of the weekend’s events?

All attendees will receive a full schedule for the weekend on arrival at the retreat house on Sullivan’s Island. You should plan to check-in any time after 5pm on Thursday and check-out Monday at 10am.

The first scheduled event takes place Thursday evening at 7pm for our Welcome dinner, but we’ve arranged for you to be able to check into your room from 5pm onwards. This is your first block of writing time so we highly recommend you arrive on time if you can.

Can I attend the Tinderbox coaching sessions but not book any accommodation?

The purpose of our retreat is that you get to do just that: take time out of your everyday life to focus exclusively on your writing and your ambitions for it, in an environment where everyone else is doing the same thing. Staying on site for the duration of the event is a big part of this. However, we make room for guests (at a reduced rate) to join us during the day who might prefer to stay off-site. We ask that these guests are respectful of the retreat attendees who are working and arrive by 9am each morning to lesson interruptions.

May I just book one night’s accommodation/arrive on Saturday morning?

The rooms at the retreat house are reserved for full-time retreat participants. If you can only attend specific days of the retreat, you will need to arrange your own off-site accommodations. Please contact us to confirm further details at

I want to bring along a friend who won’t participate in Tinderbox Writers Retreat. Can we share a room? 

All accommodation is single occupancy or shared with another attendee because we intend your room at the retreat house to also serve as the quiet, private space that you can retreat to during the scheduled writing time.

Tinderbox Writers Retreat is an immersive event. It’s designed to be a creative get-away – four days where you can step away from your normal, daily life and responsibilities and focus on your writing. The time is meant to be exclusive to retreat attendees and we’d encourage participants to use any ‘free’ time for writing, planning, dreaming, etc.

We promise to return an inspired and happy you to your family, friends, cats, dogs, etc. We are very grateful to them for lending you to us for a few short days – we promise it’ll be worth it!

What are the catering options?

Included in your package is one evening meal (on Thursday) and a continental breakfast both mornings. There are a number of dining options on the island for a lunch break if you wish to leave the property and dine locally.

Please make us aware of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.

What do I need to bring?

Whatever you need to write. The dress code is casual.

Please bring a sturdy pair of flip-flops or sandals for the beach. Note there is also plenty of space for walking/jogging along a beautiful sandy beach, so you might want to bring suitable walking/running attire with you too.

Is there disabled access? 

Access to several rooms at the retreat house does involve stairs, but attendees may request a room on the bottom floor.

Is this a woman-only event?

Yes. Tinderbox Writers Retreat is strictly women-only.

Can I pick which guest author I have my one-on-one with? All one-on-one sessions will be with retreat founder and author, Kimberly Brock.

Will the guest authors be able to read some of my work in advance or on-site so that she can provide editorial feedback? 

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this isn’t possible. However there will be opportunities over the weekend to get feedback on aspects of your work-in-progress, if you have one, e.g. your elevator pitch. Kimberly also looks forward to hearing about your story ideas during your one-on-one.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Payment is due as a non-refundable deposit upon booking, with your full balance expected by the designated date. In keeping with the cancellation policies of our suppliers, we have to charge the following cancellation penalties:

  • Any time up to 30 days before: 50% of your FULL balance

Will the guest authors have copies of their own books for sale at the venue during the creative time-out? Yes, but only upon request and only our guest authors are allowed to offer books for sale. While you are Tinderbox Writers Retreat, we want you to focus on YOUR book!

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Please contact us at