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A New Home

Hello out there! I’ve been absent for some time and now I’m pulling a fast one and changing things up on you. Tickets please! It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Be patient and hold on tight. As the release date for THE RIVER WITCH inches closer every day, I’m juggling lots of stuff and learning new things and generally being yanked from my nest of writerly solitude in order to attend to the business end of things. It’s fun and it’s exhausting and it’s absolutely crazy-making, too! Really, everything is in transition and most of the links here are only for looks just now. So don’t expect this site to look anything like this five minutes from now. Or by tonight. Or tomorrow. By next week, you won’t even recognize it!

Or me, for that matter. I’ve got a snappy photographer working her magic. When she’s through, I’ll be a whole new woman…and this site will be ready for your stories and mine again!

So I hope you’ll stick around. I’ve got so much to tell you…






Wife. Mom. Storyteller. Creative. Georgia Author of the Year 2013. Amazon Bestseller.

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