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Most exciting news for The River Witch book tour!!


You know, if you’ve been reading interviews or the novel, that music plays an enormous role in this book. Last week I was putting together a blog about my playlist and folks, boy, did I get lucky! I’m going to let my friend share the details below by reposting her latest blog…

But FIRST…   I’d like to introduce you all to Anna Kline and the Grits and Soul Band!!

They’ll be touring with me for signings and readings on select dates! (TO BE ANNOUNCED) So, keep checking my New/Appearances page to find out if we’ll be near you sometime soon! And if you’d like to have us at your local indie bookstore, shoot me a message and maybe call the store to let them know.

We’re so excited about this collaboration, bringing story and song together in such a powerful way!

Here’s a video of Anna and the band, discussing the song that really got my attention while I was working on the final draft of the manuscript. I think you’ll see why…

And now, in Anna’s words…Here’s what’s up!



Hey friends!

This has been a big week and it started out all subtle-like, you know?  Very deceiving to say the least but what a bang of fireworks it turned out to be!

You know how, as you get a little older and wiser, it’s easier to say no to things that don’t fit in your life and that decision makes space for something even bigger and better that’s just supposed to be there?  These past few years have been one lesson after another for me in that regard.  Events this week just drove the point on home.

So, I was able to put one particular time  & energy drain down the tubes this week – much to my relief – and isn’t it funny when I was given that gift, another one came just a day later!  I’m currently awestruck.

My friend, Erin, runs the online Deep South Magazine which is an it’s-all-about-the-South arts and culture zine.  She emailed me Thursday and said she had an author friend, Kimberly Brock, who is promoting her new book, The River Witch, and that she was interested in finding out more about getting on Thacker Mountain Radio.  Could I please help her with some info since we were on the radio show in November?  Of course! I said, and sent her an email.

In the meantime, Kimberly checked out our music. She wrote me back and told me how much she loved our sound, and in particular, our song “Flood Waters.” I said, Thanks so much – I really appreciate it to which she responded:

“I am not just blowing smoke at you when I say that your music makes my toes curl. I am super excited to have been introduced to you and your band!  The MUSIC is the heart of the story. It haunts and heals and drives everything. When I listen to you, I HEAR this book! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me!!”

Sounds amazing, huh?  (The book, I mean)

So, one thing led to another and about 50 e-mails later, Grits & Soul is teaming up with Kimberly for some special appearances on her book tour this summer and fall!  We are absolutely thrilled that she wants to include us!  She asked us to accompany her for some of her book readings to perform a few of our songs and also some that inspired the book.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Not only that, but The River Witch was chosen as the featured selection on She Reads national online book club for the month of June!

Kimberly has built a recommended play list of music that inspired and compliments the book and that list will accompany her blog post about the book…and  guess what!?!  We’re included! We are over the moon. My copy of the book is on its way – I can’t wait!!

We are still setting up dates so once they are confirmed, I will plaster them all over the place.  We’re going to be in Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and maybe Tennessee.  It looks like there will also be some music giveaways on the She Reads and Deep South Magazine as well so keep checking back for that.

Kimberly is enjoying quite a bit of momentum and success!  We are so excited for her!!  You can read the first two chapters of the book right here on her website.  Isn’t that great?!  She definitely has a gift and what’s more, she is one helluva stellar Southern woman!  I can stand behind that.

Congrats to Kimberly and what an honor for us to be included in this special time in her book’s life! WOW. Thank you, Erin, for introducing us and thank you, Kimberly, for your support!! We’re thrilled to support you right back.




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