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I’m Published! or A Still and Hushed Moment…

I can’t even wrap my brain around the beauty of this quiet moment. For years I have worked to tell the story of The River Witch, to discover it bit by bit, finding pieces of myself along the way and losing them, too. The day I finished work on the manuscript, I wondered what it would be like to share it with others. It was a very private work that I’d only revealed in pieces to very few people.

Now it seems appropriate that tonight, as I’ve learned the novel is available for sale online, the news comes in the still and hushed hours. My children are sleeping and my husband is traveling. I am alone in my wonder.

I thought I would be celebrating when this moment came — and I am. But I’m also reminded that there is something sacred in story, in the art of being a vessel, that there is a reawakening of the soul in the creating. And I’m thankful for all the writer’s journey is teaching me…

I hope you’ll find a still and hushed moment to curl up with this book and see what it might whisper to you…




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