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The Breadth and Width of Our Stories

A few months ago, I was included in something called The Seven Links Challenge. (You can read those blog posts here.) I loved how it allowed me to share my favorite blog posts and also to introduce others to some of the blogs that I’m following. It seemed to suddenly connect me to others, to some giant root system that I’d not been aware of before.

This weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude and humility. I’ve been making lists of the many people who have come alongside to support me since I began this blog and have cheered me on during my road to publication. So many of those people are friends I’ve made online through this blog or other social media and I’m really surprised by the very personal connections being made every day in such unexpected ways. Except, I think the connections we make through telling our stories are always personal because they’re from the heart. They’re connections made between souls. They remind us we are not alone, that our stories come from a human source that binds us together.

And that made me start to think…

In that spirit, I challenge you to share your seven favorite links! To discover new voices we might never have stumbled upon without one another.

So, I hope this week you’ll share your favorite links in a comment – from your blog or a blog you admire – and I’ll share them here over the next few weeks. I’m prepared to be amazed…





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